Bolgheri DOC Wine Tour

Join us for an unforgettable bike ride around the Bolgheri DOC area, passing through world-level vineyards and enjoying hidden lookouts thanks to our local guides.

HALF-DAY TOUR. After a gentle ride in the countryside, you will visit a top world-level Bolgheri DOC winery. This is a unique opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful wineries in the area. In this dreaming scenario, you will have the opportunity to meet the owners which will describe their activities and let you taste their best wines. After the wine tasting, we will continue the ride among vineyards and olive trees, cycling on shadowed white gravel roads and stopping at uncommon lookouts. The tour is available either in morning or in the afternoon.


FULL DAY TOUR After the wine tasting, we will stop at lunch by a local family-run agriturismo, where authentic Tuscan food will be served on a unique terrace, facing the Mediterranean sea and the vineyards below. The ride will continue in the afternoon with a gentle descent where you will enjoy a spectacular and unusual view of the Bolgheri DOC vineyards. A stop and a visit to the Bolgheri castle will guarantee us the possibility to relax and why not… get a refreshing ice cream! A gentle tour on white roads will bring us to one of the most spectacular lookouts of the Bolgheri DOC area, where the vineyards merge with the sea at the horizon. You will conclude your day in the green garden at our headquarter, relaxing on the sofas under the shadow of ancient olive trees.


   English and Italian speaking local bike guide

   3 hours (half-day) or 6-7 hours (full-day)

    E-Bike 2020 model

   Accommodation Pick-Up (on request)

   Season: March-December

Kids riding a bike: Minimum Age 10 yrs / Minimum Height 140cm

Otherwise: baby seat or “cammellino” (for more info please see the bottom of this page)

Tour Details


25Km (half-day)

50 Km (full-day)


150 m (half-day)

300 m (full-day)


3 hours (half-day)

6 hours (full-day)

The departure time is customizable

Is this experience right for me?

Fitness level: Level 2 

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Skill level: Beginner 

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+Wine Tasting

+  e-Bike Rent

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Price 75 € (teens 65 €)







+  Wine Tasting

 Authentic Tuscan Lunch

+ Snack (Gelato/Coffee/Juice)

    E-Bike Rent

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Price 100 € (teens 85 €)




I have my e-bike, can I join the tour?

Sure. Our goal is to show you our beautiful territory, not to rent e-bikes! You can join the tour with your e-bike, reduce the price by 10 Euros.

What about my KIDS?


Min. 1 year and < 22Kg



FULL DAY TOUR: 15 Eu (lunch included)


4 – 10 year

Height < 140 cm



FULL DAY TOUR: 15 Eu (lunch included)


Age 10-14 years

Height > 140 cm


FULL-DAY TOUR: 85 Eu (lunch included)


In addition to relaxing cycling and enjoying the unspoiled nature, there are other special moments waiting for you:

+ Cycling among the Bolgheri DOC vineyards

+ Enjoying the views of the Bolgheri countryside from the hills above

+ Meet local world-level wine producers in person, visit their beautiful wineries, and tasting great local wines

+ Try real authentic Tuscan food in a local family-run agriturismo

+ Hidden look-outs and uncommon paths thanks to our local bike guides!

What’s included?


e-Bike, Helmet, Gloves

Water, Sun-Glasses

Insurance, Bike-Repair First-Aid Kit


Wine Tasting – Bolgheri DOC Winery

 Lunch in Agriturismo**

Expert Bike Guides

Our local bike guides will be there with you for any question or need


**Full-day tour


  • Wine Cellar Guided Visit (1.5 hour) – 20€
  • Starting from your accommodation (max 3 people)  – 25€
  • Elbow + Knee Protections – 10€




 Wine tasting

  E-Bike Rent

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Price 75 € (kids 65 €)






 Wine tasting

 Tuscan Lunch

Snack (Gelato/Coffee/Juice)

 E-Bike Rent

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Price 100 € (kids 85 €)



Stay in Bolgheri

A short walk from Bolgheri Locals headquarters, it is possible to stay at Chiappini Winery.

6 extraordinary apartments or 6 beautiful rooms equipped with all comforts.

Stay in Castagneto

Camere di Via Montebello is a BnB located in the heart of Castagneto Carducci, just 15 minutes far from Bolgheri Locals e-Bike tours headquarters.

The Bnb was born from a latest and careful renovation of a historic building from the 1700s.

Stay in Bibbona

Located between Bolgheri and Bibbona, La Salinella offers independent apartments for couples or groups of friends.

All apartments share a swimming pool and are equipped with a private BBQ. The perfect combo to relax after a cycling day!

Frequently asked questions:

How many people will be in the group?

Since we believe smaller groups mean better experiences, we usually travel in groups of two to ten people.

We are also offering private tours. The minimal number of people for an individual group tour is only 2 (tw0). For more info please contact us

Who will be guiding us?

The tours are led by experienced and certified local cycling guides, who know the tour locations like the back of their hands. They will be there for you with their experience and skills any time you’ll need them. They’ll try to make every tour more exciting with the right stories.

What about food?

All of our daily tours are planned with stops, where we can find local culinary specialties.

What about wine or beer at lunch?

All our activities do not include alcoholic beverages at lunch.  The only exception is the Luxury wine tour. In all the other activities, the wine or beer can be asked directly to the owner of the restaurant and paid separately. We suggest drinking moderately.

I’m not a PRO cyclist. Can I join?

Our cycling tours are suitable both for those who cycle regularly and those who take a cycling trip occasionally. We use electric bikes on our tours to turn even the most difficult trips into an enjoyable journey for those with less stamina or technical skills. Plus, we adjust every tour to your skills and abilities.

What should I bring on a tour?

Most importantly, you should wear comfortable sports clothes (sport shoes, two-three layers of clothes, if you have a wind jacket is recommended. If it is foldable it’s better.). Please bring a bottle of water and sun protection in the summer months.

We provide all the cycling gear (bikes, helmets, first-aid kit, …). Any additional gear or clothes can be stored in a van or in our office.

Can we bring kids with us?

Kids are also welcome, as long as they are 140 cm high and they can cycle independently and ride an e-bike for at least 20 kilometers. Please notify us about any children joining when you book an experience or a tour. That way we can adjust the difficulty of the tour to them.

What about the bad weather?

Unfortunately, the weather is not up to us! So, even good plans might be ruined due to bad weather. We’ll make sure the tours and experiences happen even in less ideal weather, but we need to put your safety first. In case your tour gets canceled due to bad weather, we’ll fully reimburse you.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable sports clothes. In particular, we recommend you bring sport shoes, a t-shirt, a jumper, and a wind-stopping jacket. Depending on the season of your tour or experience, you can adjust accordingly. You should also know some of the tours take place in the hills above Bolgheri or in the bush, where temperatures can be fresh even during the summer. You should also consider a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather.

Guest requirements:

Guests ages 18 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children. If you bring a guest that’s under 18, it’s your responsibility to make sure the activities they participate in are age-appropriate.


Flexible cancellation policy:

Any tour can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy.

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